Logos Quiz

It’s summer and the livin’ is easy, so let’s cover a light subject this week.  There is a fun app you can play at the beach, pool, lake or wherever you go to get away from it all in the summer.   Since it has to do with marketing and branding, you can even claim you were working while you played.

The app is called Logos Quiz and it is available for Apple and Android products.  I saw younger cousins playing the game on July 4th and, although I am not a big game player, I had to try it.  The concept is simple.  You are shown a logo or a part of a logo, and you have to type in the name of the company or brand.  The game is in levels and you cannot move on to the next level until you have correctly named a certain number on your current level.

Level 1 is fairly easy with well-known logos like McDonald’s, Volkswagen and Starbucks.  As you move up, levels become progressively more difficult.  You earn “hints” as you answer correctly, and you can use the hints for clues about logos that stump you.

Like a lot of apps, this game is a little addictive and you can easily find an hour goes by quickly as you move up the levels and prove your stuff.  I just opened the app to check something and killed 10 minutes moving up to Level 4.  The app is free but if you cough up $1.99, you can avoid the annoying ads and pop-ups.  You can also buy hints if you feel a need to cheat.

Beyond the fun, the game is fascinating:

  • It shows how memorable some logos are because we see them multiple times a day.  Answering some of them was only impeded by how quickly I could type on my iPhone.  If it was Jeopardy, I could have just buzzed in: “What is BMW?, Alex.” That’s how wired we are to some of these logos.
  • Even with just a letter or part of the design, you’ll find you’re able to identify the full logo and company.  This is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  The eye sees a piece and the brain puts together the rest.
  • There are some logos I never realized I knew.  I apparently saw the logo somewhere and my brain filed it.  If you asked me to describe Land Rover logo, I am not sure I could.  But when I saw just the green oval my brain pulled up “Land Rover”.  Weird.
  • There are some logos I should have known but didn’t.  Maybe they looked too generic and I never filed them.  Or the piece shown was not the part I remembered. I only guessed them after using a hint or two.
  • Since I started playing, I have been on the lookout for those logos I have not been able to complete on Logos Quiz.  So I have been more attentive to logos in real life.

Give Logos Quiz a try.  You’ll be surprised how many logos you know (and don’t know), and I bet you’ll have some fun.

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