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Another Brand Misconception

“Rob Ford scandal hurting Toronto’s global brand, research finds.” So said the headline from The Globe and Mail , Toronto’s daily newspaper on November 20, 2013 that popped up in my weekly Google alerts for “brands”. Great, I thought, it will be interesting to see how all the press and comedians’ jokes about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s […]

Customer Service Lessons from Sandy

I hope all affected by superstorm Sandy are faring well.  Like many in our area, we have been without power for four days and, as of this writing, it is unclear when we will have power restored (more about this later).  This has given our family an appreciation for everyday things we take for granted, […]

The AIG Brand Resurrection

This week, in a move I thought impossible two or three years ago, AIG announced that it would resume using the AIG name and brand subsidiaries that never used the AIG name under the corporate umbrella. After the company was bailed out by the government in the 2008 financial meltdown, it stopped using the AIG […]

Rebuilding the Penn State Brand

The child sex-abuse scandal at Penn State University devastated one the most respected collegiate brands in the U.S. Students, alumni and the board of trustees have taken some key steps (and some missteps) in the monumental process of rebuilding the university’s brand, but the long-term impact is uncertain. First, some perspective: The crime and moral […]

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