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The Value of Super Bowl Advertising

The teams that will represent the NFC and AFC have been decided, the reformatted Pro Bowl has been played and now we turn our attention to the really big question about the Super Bowl. Not who will win the game or even the logic of holding it in colder-than-usual New York in February this year. […]

Writing to Space

Working on some small space ads for a client this week, I was reminded of Cicero’s quote: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” Woodrow Wilson’s response to how long he needed to prepare for a speech is also appropriate: “It depends. If I am to speak ten minutes, I […]

Marketing to “Old” People

I put the word “old” in quotation marks because it reminded me of something I said when I was a teenager.  I was sitting in the kitchen at my girlfriend’s house while her mother was making dinner.  I said someone was “pretty old, like 40.”  Without missing a beat or turning around, her mother said […]

The Umbrella Brand

I had just finished last week’s post about brand focus, when I read an article on Inc.com about Wayfair, which started as CSN Stores in 2002.  CSN specialized in micro-niche e-commerce sites (think strollers.com, hotplates.com, everygrandfatherclock.com, etc.) and by 2010, the company had about 200 sites, 4.8 million customers, and $380 million in sales. Then, in […]

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