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The Value of Super Bowl Advertising

The teams that will represent the NFC and AFC have been decided, the reformatted Pro Bowl has been played and now we turn our attention to the really big question about the Super Bowl. Not who will win the game or even the logic of holding it in colder-than-usual New York in February this year. […]

Another Brand Misconception

“Rob Ford scandal hurting Toronto’s global brand, research finds.” So said the headline from The Globe and Mail , Toronto’s daily newspaper on November 20, 2013 that popped up in my weekly Google alerts for “brands”. Great, I thought, it will be interesting to see how all the press and comedians’ jokes about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s […]

The Employment Brand

When I was responsible for corporate branding at a global company, a new head of human resources came on board.  She was very focused on the employment brand and charged a person in the HR department with this responsibility.  In my meetings with this person, it became clear that the objective of a strong employment […]

The CEO as CMO Supporter

Much has been written about the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) needing to be the hands-on chief of every function in a company, especially being the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), in addition to some roles not on the org chart (Chief Innovator, Chief Evangelist, etc.).   This is a nice thought, but does it make sense in […]

The Benefits of Brand Focus

My branding work with a client drives home the benefits of focus when creating a brand strategy and considering product/service offerings. The client is a small management-consulting firm.  I worked with the two partners of this firm when we were with a larger consulting and training firm.  They started their business in the early 2000s […]

Buzz vs. Brand

A few months ago I wrote about research I conducted on whether buzz was useful or harmful in branding.  The recent limited release of Nike Retro Air Jordan provides a great example of how buzz and branding can be in direct conflict. If you missed it, Nike released a limited supply of Retro Air Jordans in […]

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