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Nothing Draws a Crowd Like a Crowd

We were visiting friends at their beach house in Delaware last weekend and on Saturday night we went to the games and amusement area at Rehoboth Beach.  While watching our son and our friends’ children playing various games, I saw the “nothing draws a crowd like a crowd” phenomenon in action. If a game was […]

Marketing Lessons from Mr. Selfridge

I have been watching Mr. Selfridge on PBS the last few Sunday evenings.  The show is based on the life of Harry Selfridge, an American-born retailer who opened a department store (Selfridges) in an unfashionable section of London in 1909.  He remained chairman of the store until 1941.  I knew nothing of Harry Selfridge until […]

The Marketing ROI Disconnect

The biggest cause of the short tenure of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) is their failure to measure the return on investment (ROI) of marketing expenditures.  If we have heard that once, we’ve heard it a thousand times.  And like most mantras that get repeated over and over, you begin to believe it without really thinking […]

Marketer, Meet Your Market

Too many marketers don’t know enough about their market.  This is especially true in B2B marketing, where the marketing department often relies on the sales force to provide all the input about the market based on current customers’ needs and wants.  There are two problems with this approach: The marketer is not getting information about […]

Branding with PR

As I work on public relations (PR) projects for clients, I am constantly reminded how difficult it is to brand effectively using PR.  This is because you have to make your story newsworthy; you need to sell a reporter and editor on the importance of your story; and you have little control over the final […]

The Value of a Value-D Score

I happened upon a fascinating study by Millward Brown on the top global brands based on their Value-D scores (Value D: Balancing Desire and Price for Brand Success).  The problem with many studies of leading brands is that the are one-dimensional:  They look at the most desirable brands in a category but they do not […]

Branding with Promotional Products

Promotional products are the Rodney Dangerfield of branding.  You know, “They get no respect!”.  Often thought of as the inexpensive tchotchkes given away at events or trade show booths, they have gotten a bad rep.  But when given some thought, they can be valuable in reinforcing your branding efforts. So how do you use promotional […]

Like vs. Love

One of my clients owns a restaurant and two quick-serve food outlets.  Part of the branding and marketing effort is keeping in front of people who “Like” the company’s Facebook pages with weekly (or more frequent) updates about menu changes, special events, news, holidays, etc. When we post an update, invariably some people will “Like” […]

Customer Service Lessons from Sandy

I hope all affected by superstorm Sandy are faring well.  Like many in our area, we have been without power for four days and, as of this writing, it is unclear when we will have power restored (more about this later).  This has given our family an appreciation for everyday things we take for granted, […]

Celebrity Endorsement Heartache

The announcements this week that Nike and Anheuser-Busch were ending their relationships with cyclist Lance Armstrong is a reminder of how celebrity endorsements can bite the endorsed companies.   The companies had stood by Armstrong while doping allegations dogged him the past few years.  But an extensive report detailing how Armstrong doped while winning the Tour […]

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