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Brands, Branding and Marketing

The topic of Branding vs. Marketing a few weeks back generated a lot of discussion on LinkedIn groups (all very civil, thank you).  The discussions provided a lot of food for thought about brands, branding and marketing—the distinctions, intersections and overlaps.  I am thinking specifically about these subjects in terms of start-up companies. Let’s start […]

The Value of a Brand

Being a brand geek, I was naturally drawn to the headline of a LinkedIn post by David Edelman, a McKinsey partner in the firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy practice. The title of the article was “What’s Your Brand Worth?”  and I found it intriguing because it is something every marketing executive (as well as CEOs, CFOs and others) […]

Brand Jordan

Some really fascinating information coming out about Michael Jordan this week as he celebrates his 50th birthday tomorrow.  An interesting article from Forbes says that Jordan pulls down an estimated $80 million a year.  Don’t know about other retirees, but $80 mil a year is not too shabby.  Of course “retiree” is a different concept for Jordan, who […]

The Value of a Value-D Score

I happened upon a fascinating study by Millward Brown on the top global brands based on their Value-D scores (Value D: Balancing Desire and Price for Brand Success).  The problem with many studies of leading brands is that the are one-dimensional:  They look at the most desirable brands in a category but they do not […]

Marketing is Dead, Long Live Marketing

Recently the Harvard Business Review posted a blog article by Bill Lee titled “Marketing is Dead”.  The article created tremendous buzz on LinkedIn, but it turns out the headline was a bit misleading.  Upon reading the content we learned that marketing is not dead, but that many traditional approaches to marketing such as advertising, public […]

The Branding of Place

I’ve been back from vacation two weeks and still have a bit of the afterglow.  We vacation in Chatham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  It is the quintessential New England seaside town with a pretty main street, three white-steepled churches and an old-fashioned bandstand, where the town band plays every Friday night during the summer.  It […]

Taglines: Specificity, Firepower and Brevity

I have had a few lengthy discussions on LinkedIn groups about specific taglines and taglines in general.  Based on these discussions, I want to share some additional thoughts to help with developing an effective tagline. Specificity – If your company has been around for a long time, has a considerable customer base and/or is a […]

Internal Communications to Drive Branding

Internal Communications to Drive Branding In some of my corporate marketing positions, I was fortunate to have responsibility for both internal communications and marketing/branding.  While I think I was fortunate, many marketing and branding executives would rather have a root canal than manage internal communications.  They view internal communications as a purely HR function, and […]

The Branding Decathlon

You haven’t tired of the Olympics yet, or you wouldn’t have opened this article.  Excellent!  Let’s talk decathlon. The decathlon, coming up this week, is one of the stranger events in the Olympics because the competitors are not the best in any of the 10 sports when compared to athletes who specialize in one of […]

Logos Quiz

It’s summer and the livin’ is easy, so let’s cover a light subject this week.  There is a fun app you can play at the beach, pool, lake or wherever you go to get away from it all in the summer.   Since it has to do with marketing and branding, you can even claim you […]

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