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3 Easy Steps to Avoid 3 Easy Steps

Every time I see a blog post, article or LinkedIn group discussion about three, five, seven or ten easy steps to branding or some aspect of marketing, I give a laugh or a grunt, depending on what type of day it has been.  As anyone who has responsibility for branding and marketing knows, there is […]

Nothing Draws a Crowd Like a Crowd

We were visiting friends at their beach house in Delaware last weekend and on Saturday night we went to the games and amusement area at Rehoboth Beach.  While watching our son and our friends’ children playing various games, I saw the “nothing draws a crowd like a crowd” phenomenon in action. If a game was […]

Marketing and Change

“The only people who like change are babies with wet diapers.”  The first time I heard that expression was from Sir Brian Wolfson, then chairman of Wembley Stadium in London, who was on the board of directors of a consulting company where I worked.  He either said it at a conference or meeting, or contributed […]

Customer Service Lessons from Sandy

I hope all affected by superstorm Sandy are faring well.  Like many in our area, we have been without power for four days and, as of this writing, it is unclear when we will have power restored (more about this later).  This has given our family an appreciation for everyday things we take for granted, […]

Taglines: Specificity, Firepower and Brevity

I have had a few lengthy discussions on LinkedIn groups about specific taglines and taglines in general.  Based on these discussions, I want to share some additional thoughts to help with developing an effective tagline. Specificity – If your company has been around for a long time, has a considerable customer base and/or is a […]

Internal Communications to Drive Branding

Internal Communications to Drive Branding In some of my corporate marketing positions, I was fortunate to have responsibility for both internal communications and marketing/branding.  While I think I was fortunate, many marketing and branding executives would rather have a root canal than manage internal communications.  They view internal communications as a purely HR function, and […]

The Branding Decathlon

You haven’t tired of the Olympics yet, or you wouldn’t have opened this article.  Excellent!  Let’s talk decathlon. The decathlon, coming up this week, is one of the stranger events in the Olympics because the competitors are not the best in any of the 10 sports when compared to athletes who specialize in one of […]

Every Conversation Is an Act of Persuasion

I reported to a sales executive in a former life and the headline of this article was his favorite saying (at least it is the thing I remember when I think of him).  I used to believe the expression applied only to the sales process, but now feel it is applicable to EVERY conversation.   When […]

The CEO as CMO Supporter

Much has been written about the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) needing to be the hands-on chief of every function in a company, especially being the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), in addition to some roles not on the org chart (Chief Innovator, Chief Evangelist, etc.).   This is a nice thought, but does it make sense in […]

Your Customers as Brand Ambassadors

Much of marketing communications entails companies talking about themselves in terms of their products and services, why they are better than competitors, their financial performance, etc.   But many of these efforts miss an important dynamic of brand messaging: Using your customers as brand ambassadors.  Depending on the nature of the purchase, customers have invested […]

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